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This official map pack by Epic includes six additional deathmatch maps. (Contains: DM-Cybrosis, DM-Letting, DM-Loxi, DM-Mojo, DM-Shrapnel, DM-Twilight)

Author Epic Games
Date 2017-04-15
File Size 2.68 MB
Download 986

This map pack includes various maps made by Epic employees. Some of them have been fixed by community members to make them compatible with newer versions of Unreal. It includes the 3dfx OEM demo levels, GW Press levels, three maps from the Unreal Beta and one map cut from Return to Na Pali. (Contains: DmBayC, DmCreek, DmDespair, DmEclipse, DmKrazy, DmLocke, DmMorbfanza, DmScruular, DmSplash, DmVilla)

Author Epic Games
Date 2017-04-15
File Size 4.15 MB
Download 991